Republic Display
Republic Display is a typeface influenced by 19th Century Dublin Street Signs, designed for the International Society of Typographic Designers title of  'The Spaces Between'.
In a culturally rich city like Dublin, historical artefacts are unknowingly hidden in the background of everyday life without acknowledgement. These 19th century street signs are one example of such artefacts that hold a deep cultural significance about the Ireland of old. Showcasing Cló Gaelic language, these signs were designed during the Irish civil war as a way to subtly protest the English army prosecuting people for speaking Irish.
Ghaelic typography is a historical work of art that has been used for years and years in Ireland and around the world. In recent years, it has been mistreated and used in contexts where there is a disconnect between traditional typography and modern designs. Republic display is a typeface designed influenced by the letterforms seen on these 19th century street signs but intended to be used in modern Irish designs. To slightly modernise these letterforms, I made strict rules with slants in the serifs and recycled shapes amongst each letterforms to overall simplify the typeface and make it easier to read in use.  
I was honoured to be awarded membership for ISTD from this project.
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